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Innovative Courses

For two or three weeks, students will embark on an exciting learning experience with traditional teaching methods put aside. Instead, each participant will be encouraged to use their initiative to solve problems and overcome challenges through their participation as both a leader and a vital team member. Students will choose three courses that most interest them from the following subjects:

Start a Startup, Website Design, Digital Marketing, Nutrition, Journalism, Creative Writing, Drama, and Art

Students will master one subject per week, spending three hours per day in a classroom setting consisting of no more than 23 students.

Camp Golden Gate is proud to offer a variety of dynamic and relevant courses that focus on Technology, Health, Science, Business, Art, and The Humanities. The diversity of the curriculum aims at developing a learning environment that will allow the students to become well-rounded and more knowledgeable about the global world in which they live.

It is mandatory that any student who is interested in taking the following courses: Website Design, Digital Marketing, or Start a Startup will have to bring a mobile computer to be able to participate. Furthermore, because of the complexity of these courses, these classes will not have any more than 19 students per course.

All courses will are taught in American English by native speakers from the USA. A lot of summer camps advertise that their courses are led by native speakers, which often ends up being not the case. Camp Golden Gate is committed to its clients and always delivers on its promises. Finally, it is imperative to highlight that all courses will not focus solely on grammar, but instead more on social skills, creativity, and on the student taking an innovative approach.

Start a Startup

This course introduces students to the principles of entrepreneurship and is designed to help them understand the process which entrepreneurs use to start a startup. The course covers a broad range of topics from ideation and product-market fit to business operations, culture creation, and software development. There is also the opportunity for any student to develop an idea from concept to launch and go through the early stages of growth hacking—including pitching the business, customer acquisition, and revenue generation. You will learn that the entrepreneurial mindset can be leveraged by anyone, whether they want to build a company from scratch or join a large organization. Upon completion of the course, you will know: what is an entrepreneur, what are the characteristics and philosophies of a start-up, the pros, and cons of running a startup, how to define a “business model,” prototyping and business development, architecting the product, and much more.

The way business work is evolving. Students at Camp Golden Gate will get a fresh perspective on how startups work and how anyone can do it. It is all about ideas and execution

Website Design

In this course, you will learn the fundamentals to create, develop, design, and maintain web pages using HTML and CSS. Furthermore, you will learn: how to edit HTML and CSS files directly using HTML or text editors, link pages so that they create a website, style a web page using CSS, about using internal and external style sheets, and how to use graphics in web design. By the end of the course you will be able to: Create local HTML pages and move them to a remote web server; design and develop basic web pages using HTML and CSS; Use graphics in web pages; Use tables in Web pages; Design and develop web pages using CSS for layout, and more.

The American Camp experience introduces students to the ongoing versatile world of the web by teaching campers the fundamentals skills to explore this interesting field

Digital Marketing

Since its inception in 1969, The Internet and other information technologies have created many exciting and innovative ways to provide customer value. Social media provides countless platforms for connecting with today’s consumer such as high-readership blogs, social networks (such as Facebook and LinkedIn), and online communities (such as YouTube, Twitter, and Second Life). It gives consumers the opportunity to be heard in large numbers, and smart marketers have learned how to tap into these “citizen journalists” for both improving products and marketing communications. The overall objectives are to understand Internet users and to identify profitable E-Marketing strategies. By the end of the course, you will be able to: understand the E-Marketing context: e-business models, performance metrics, and the role of strategic planning; Also to know how to use marketing functions of product, pricing, distribution, and marketing communication for a firm's E-Marketing strategy, and more.



This course introduces basic concepts of food and nutrition to highlight ways in which to integrate proper nutrition into you daily lifestyles. The course will cover the principles of digestion and absorption, the function of nutrients, disease prevention, physical activity, weight management, disordered eating, and food safety principles. Also, the content of this course will examine the role of nutrients in the body, diet-related conditions, special diets, diet analysis, nutrition for athletes, lifetime fitness, and the effect of food preparation techniques on a diet. By the end of the course, you will be able to: Assess personal fitness and eating habits, analyze popular diets for nutritional sufficiency, explain the risks involved with special diets, describe the physiological functions and sources of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, fiber, and more.



People have always depended on the mass media to spread the word about events and people of interest to the general public. This course introduces students to the fascinating world of print and online media. Law, ethics and the history of journalism will complement the major units of study: reporting, writing, editing, photography, advertising, design, management and teamwork. Students will encounter various article formats and work towards developing their voice using various writing styles. The majority of the course will help you to develop and improve your writing in a variety of styles and formats for a range of different mediums. Voice, tone, syntax, vocabulary, structure, and editing techniques will all be addressed in a writing workshop atmosphere. By the end of the course, you will be able to: have a better understanding of the general skills needed to be able to communicate in either the print or online media. A particular emphasis is placed on writing, while touching on interviewing, reporting, reacting and synthesizing, to understand the legal, moral, and ethical responsibilities inherent in the free press. Additionally how to polish a piece of writing in an attractive, inviting manner – including headlines, graphics, imagery, and much more.


Creative Writing

This course places emphasis on improving a student's ability to communicate using the written word. Students will communicate through a variety of methods, including exploring the writing process, journal writing, poetry, short stories, plays, and genres. Students will read, interpret, and analyze a variety of poems and short fictional works by a range of authors. Through reading and writing activities, you will gain a sound understanding of the elements and forms of writing, being able to create their own written creations. Aside from broadening the ‘literary scope, helping a student to read with a critical eye, and exposing them to constructive criticism, most importantly, this class will cultivate an artistic appreciation for the beauty of language. By the end of the course, you will be able to: demonstrate originality, clarity of expression, have the ability to understand and express ideas in written forms. Be conversant with the structural concerns related to beginnings, middles, and ends whilst being able to demonstrate understanding of figurative language, literary devices, word relationships, and nuances in word meanings. Moreover, you will be able to analyze how complex characters (e.g., those with multiple or conflicting motivations) develop over the course of a text, interact with other characters, and advance the plot or develop the theme, and more.

drama drama_2


The purpose of this course is to develop and synthesize advanced elements of theater arts into final production using various media, techniques, and processes. Some of the main concepts that will be learned include without limitation; acting and characterization, improvisation, theater terminology, movement, vocal production, auditioning and casting. Upon completion, you will be able to: demonstrate the use of advanced acting techniques, improvisation, and character analysis to reflect internal and external qualities of a character, as well as the period, style, and culture of the production. Developing and understanding the cultural and historical influences on dramatic forms, using vocal, classical, and contemporary techniques to portray the physical, emotional, and social dimensions of characters from various genres and media. Understand how actors, directors, and designers create and refine dialogue and stage directions that convey the playwright’s intent, and so much more.


Students can expect to develop a strong foundation in drawing and painting on this course. The visual elements, the principles of design, and the basic techniques and concepts of both drawing and painting will be undertaken on this course. The end goals are to increase artistic self-confidence, increase one’s understanding of the basics of drawing /painting and to produce successful works. Upon completion, you will have a firm understanding and knowledge of art forms and time periods through lecture, media presentations, and artist experiences. A basic comprehension of composition and the utilization of the elements of art and the principals of design. You will also be able to produce short written and oral critiques of self and other works of art, and much more.

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